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Brenda Yang

I came to the US to study Economics in 1988 at Cal State LA. Soon after I finished in 1990, I cofounded Dynashape Intima Corporation, a company that manufactures women’s lingerie and garments. I have been constantly striving to improve the inner beauty of women for the past 32 years.

Our products are sold to department stores and chain stores in the States, Europe, and Canada. Dynashape Intima has won the Best Women’s Business Award in the city of Alhambra many times in the past 10 years. I am grateful to join this group and continue serving women.

I founded the International Lingqi Buddhist Association, a non-profit organization in 2013. International Lingqi Buddhist Association is an extension from Lingqi Temple in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province.  Lingqi Temple is a thousand-year-old temple led by Master Juelin Shi. Together, we led efforts to learn and promote Chinese Buddhist culture, and to apply Buddhist practice to life and work, in order to to make our community more united, our families more harmonious, and our lives improved by respect and gratitude.

An example of our work to improve our community is through charity. We donate clothes to Walden House Health right 360、Amity foundation etc every year.  As the epidemic continues in 2020, we also organized donations of surgical masks and other personal protective equipment to communities and hospitals.

I also founded the US EQ IQ Development Center in 2018. This is a new, still developing organization that will aim to develop workshops and coaching for parenting, how to improve IQ and EQ, and improve relational and mental health in Chinese families abroad.

In 2022, I was elected President of Jinguo Committee. With my term, I hope to further facilitate learning about women’s health issues as well as emotional well-being. Furthermore, I hope to create opportunities for Chinese and American cultural exchange with American women’s groups. I am committed to the development of Chinese women’s rights and health.

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