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For more than 128 years, the Royal Society of St George has been England’s premier patriotic organization, promoting and celebrating the English way of life.


With thousands of members, more than 60 branches in England and over 30 around the world, the Society organizes a wide variety of social and fund-raising events, from marking significant moments in our history to enjoying English food and drink.

Queen Victoria was the Society’s first Royal Patron. In 1963 the late Queen bestowed a notable honour by granting the Society its own Royal Charter.

Our Current Patron:

The Late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Society of St. George's first recognized Patron following its founding in 1894 was as an honorable society in 1900 when we were first recognized by Queen Victoria for the guardianship of "Saint George for England."

In England the Society holds parades, festivals, and celebrations for St. George on April 23 each year, they are also active in promoting St. George's Day as an official holiday.

Our California Branch is founded under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second as our Royal Patron.


Her official website and Her Majesty's active historical record of issuing special letters patent in 1990 express her connection and dedication to the Royal Society of St. George.

Fount of Honor

As our former Patron the Queen represented our organization as a Fount of Honor, our sovereign who, by virtue of her official position and authority, had the exclusive prerogative of conferring legitimate titles of nobility and orders of chivalry to other persons.

HM Queen Elizabeth II-" God Save the Queen!

HM Queen Elizabeth is recognized as the longest reigning monarch in history celebrating her Sapphire Jubilee in February of 2017.

Queen Elizabeth served as the Queen of over 15 nations and was the head of the Commonwealth of Nations.


She maintained governors all around the world. According to most, she possessed more influence, diplomatic power and grace than any other person in her time.

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