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 RSSG is a Charitable Organization

A Non-Profit Charitable Membership Society 

​"…Our role is primarily educational, promoting the common cultural heritage of people throughout the English-speaking world, including our former Dominions and Colonies. The Society now focuses its work on the younger generations of English and kindred people whose most valuable inheritance is our nation's history and culture."

The Royal Society of Saint George, California Branch was founded and chartered officially in California on December 12, 2016. The organization is non-profit and is open to anyone residing in California and the American Southwest who may be interested in the aims of our society. The society is an admirable and honorable institution that was chartered in California for educational, cultural, patriotic, fraternal, social, and philanthropic purposes. 

As a benevolent and charitable organization part of our efforts will be dedicated to fundraising and capital development of programs (to be announced) in the public sector. As we are newly organized, we will update this section following our annual event on St. George's Day to reflect our itinerary and agenda. 

Modern Dragon Slayers and Patriots of the Motherland England.

The California Branch of the Royal Society of St. George is special by being geographically located in California! We consider ourselves dragon slayers because we bring goodwill in the name of Saint George to defeat the evil in society. Its a figure of speech to talk about slaying dragons but the ideal exists in video games and in our society with scenarios of battles between good and evil.
It is our noble aim and objective in California to interact and function as good global citizens and benefactors of social programs throughout California. Especially for our members and England!


The Royal Society of Saint George is broadly recognized worldwide as the leading English patriotic society. Our California branch network for the Royal Society of Saint George is proud to have crossed the border of our state, and spread our ideals across the world.


Since its inception, the Royal Society of Saint George has been attracting members from all paths of life; supporting and encouraging the young.


We are a community sharing and maintaining our Culture; Heritage and traditions; promoting & supporting charitable causes.

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Royal Society Of Saint George-California Branch

Royal Society Of Saint George-California Branch

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