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Message from The Chairman


Ratu Muda Princess Karen Cantrell

 Karen's Royal Charts

As Chair of the Royal Society of Saint George-California Branch, I am privileged to work with a dedicated group of board members and Trustees who are committed to making the values and good works of the Saint George Society accessible to all members of our community.


I am honored to have had this privilege to create a Chapter for The Royal Society of Saint George here in California. It has been a long journey, but nothing without efforts and persistence can accomplish much in this world, nowadays. Our strategic ambition is to be a leading force for Good works and Charity on our state, strengthening our membership through a sustainable growth by clear principles, ethics, and values.

I also have the privilege of getting to know some our members. I hear their stories, and I know where they’ve come from and what goals they’ve set for themselves. Our Members are here because they want a better life for others and to make this Society a project that brings positive change to our community.

I am honored to be a small part of helping make all those dreams become a reality, and I urge you to consider your own participation, joining our society today. As you browse through our Royal Society of Saint George website, I invite you to learn more about us and to consider partnering with us as we work to meet the challenges that lay ahead. Together we can make a difference in this world, for good!


 Ratu Muda Princess Karen Cantrell



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