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Two questions arise frequently in America and other nations because many fail to understand the difference between England the country and the nation-state we call the United Kingdom today. As England is the seat of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Kingdom it is an autonomous and independent cultural identity much like the different regions of the United States or Europe. Similarly California is a state of the United States with a unique cultural dynamic, England is a country within the United Kingdom where specific cultural .

To better understand England and the English please see these e-books we have collected below for our members.

Books on England and the English

England, My England, Book by D.H. Lawrence

England and the English, Speech by Rudyard Kipling, 1920

Contemporary Articles on England and the English

A small collection of articles and website resources on what it mean to be English as opposed to British in both the traditional and contemporary sense.

Centre for English Identity

How British People Talk about Patriotism

Difference between the UK, Britain and England

Articles for Expats and International Residents

5 Tips for Living in Los Angeles

Los Angeles' Elite British Residents

Brits in LA - Facebook Page

British Expats MeetUp - Los Angeles

English in Los Angeles -

Moving to LA from London

Hugh Laurie's Los Angeles

Santa Monica the 6th most English town in America

Royal Society of St. George Branches

There are branches of the Royal Society of St. George located in eight US States and in 23 countries not including the United Kingdom. A complete listing of the Royal Society of St. George Branches is located on the principle website.

All of the branches are relatively independent (differ in identity) in their focus, activities, events and meeting routines. Here are a few of them: Bangkok, Hong Kong,

Affiliated and Associated Organizations

Countess Mountbatten's own Legion of Frontiersmen

English Toastmasters Association

Royal Society of St. George, Hong Kong Branch

St. George's Society of Baltimore

Society of the Sons of St. George of Philadelphia

St. George's Society of New York

St. George’s Society of Toronto

Non-Affiliated Institutional Resources

English Diaspora Project, Northumbria University

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