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"Hoping For The Best, I Live"

Welcome to the

Animal Welfare League

Compassion is the key to bettering both animal and human lives therefore, we welcome you today to the Animal Welfare League, a co-project of the Royal Society of Saint George, California branch.

The primary goal of the Animal Welfare League is to aid and support, without competition, various registered and certified 501- (c) organizations related to animal care, rescue, adoptions and other related such as feed and medical.  Our assistance is provided through many means such as operational supplies, feed, nutrition shipments and other.

Welcome to the Animal Welfare League Project

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The Animal Welfare League (AWL) is committed to enhancing human and animal services by providing programs that connect animal assistance resources to those in need. As our organization expands, we aim to collaborate with additional non-profits to develop programs that facilitate the placement of abandoned, stray, and displaced animals into permanent and caring homes.


The numerous organizations we support are devoted to caring for and rehabilitating a variety of animals by providing emergency food, medical care, behavioral training, fostering, and adoption services. Additionally, the Animal Welfare League actively contributes to the training of service animals for individuals with disabilities and the blind, partnering with organizations such as The Guide Dogs of the Desert.


Some of our other beneficiaries include renowned organizations such as the ASPCA, The Humane Society, Girls of Dog Rescue, the Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue, and Colby's Crew Rescue. Our organization is situated in the heart of the beautiful Coachella Valley, Greater Palm Springs, and Desert Cities in sunny Southern California, just a short hour and forty-five minutes from the city of

Los Angeles, California.

Our Inspiration

On June 16, 1824, twenty two (22) individuals gathered at the Old Slaughter's Coffee House in Saint Martins Lane, London, and formed The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). In 1840, Queen Victoria gave permission for the SPCA to add "Royal" to the name, thereby creating the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and lending her support to the organization.


The RSPCA has now become the world's largest and oldest animal welfare organization. For almost two centuries, members of the Royal Family have been committed to supporting animal welfare organizations, following the Queen's lead. The Royal Society of Saint George, California Branch, also known as RSSG-CA, is not directly or indirectly affiliated with the RSPCA, However, we respect our royal history and aim to continue the traditions of our royal ancestry by establishing the "Animal Welfare League" so we may continue the works of our ancestors.


The Coffee House on the Pavement - aka Old Slaughter's Coffee House, St. Martins, London. Est. 1692


The Begining of the Animal Welfare League

On July 14, 2024, Princess Karen Cantrell and a group of individuals who have since become known as the "League of Twenty" met at the "Circa 55 Restaurant" in the internationally known Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. It was during this meeting that the "Animal Welfare League" (AWL) was formed to help address the growing need for animal care and to carry on the traditions of Princess Karen Cantrell's royal ancestors.


Princess Karen Cantrell is a direct descendant of several royals, including King Edward III of England, John of Gaunt - Duke of Lancaster, David I - King of Scots, and many others. She is also a member of The Society of Descendants of Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Garter and currently serves as Chairperson for the Royal Society of Saint George, California branch (RSSG-CA).

Join the League - How you can Help

The Animal Welfare League (AWL), and the Royal Society of Saint George - California Branch (RSSG-CA), will be hosting various  fundraising events throughout the year to assist in raising awareness and financial support for the charitable causes related to our mission. These events will include brunches, lunches, and social gatherings, often featuring auctions for goods and services.


Donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, the "Saint Lazarus Relief Fund" (SLRF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. EIN: 46-4751903. Rescue organizations and shelters require funding for various needs such as food, treats, bedding, litter, cleaning supplies, administrative costs, and office expenses. If you wish to donate to support our rescue and rehabilitation organizations, you can specify whether your donation is for canines, felines, equine, or other animals. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Queen_Victoria_and_her_dog_ Sharp .jpg

Queen Victoria and her dog "Sharp"

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Meet  the Board

We regularly receive immense admiration, affection, and backing for our diverse team of furry & fluffy Board Members at the Animal Welfare League - (AWL).


In reality, there is no better way to achieve our objectives than by having a board comprised of individuals who have personally gone through the experience of being in a shelter, rescue, or rehabilitation center.


Our team has endured hunger, abuse, and abandonment, which has fueled our unwavering compassion, determination, and dedication to effecting real and lasting change for the animals we so love and serve.

Enzo Impler, philanthropist donor from Germany

More Information - AWL

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