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Paul Ottosson

Paul Ottosson was born in Sweden. Together with his bandmates he left for Los Angeles in 1987 where they performed around Southern California.

Paul then moved into producing and mixing music which eventually led Paul in to starting up his own post production sound company which he is still active with today.


For his work, Paul has been awarded three Oscars, BAFTA and Emmy awards. Paul has also produced a few movies and was a producer of The 79th Annual Academy Awards Show, The Oscars.


Paul also owned and ran one of the biggest 3D conversion companies with 350 employees. His company was a leading business and worked with all the major studios as well as with James Cameron.


Currently Paul is producing an eight episode series that is diving deep into the consequences of the death penalty here in the USA.

Paul is married to Erhu virtuoso Karen Han, a world renown musician. Together, they have a son, Theo.

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