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Welcome New Members: Royal Society Of Saint George- CA

The Board of The Royal Society of Saint George -California branch would like to welcome all the new members on this first semester, and invite all the members to join our Facebook group:

1. H.R.H. Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski of Georgia, Kartli-Kaheti,Imereti 2.Olga Papkovitch 3. Aura Imbarus 4. Liane Q. Buck 5. Christopher Baldwin Buck 6. Nicole Brandon 7. Thomas West Hicks 8. Guye Pennington 9. Kathryn Thayer 10. Carl W. Lemke 11. Craig B. Feinberg 12. B. Feinberg 13. Dr. Craig Paterson 14. Adam Daniel Buttons 15. Lee Ann Wolfin 16. Clarence L. Alford 17. Michael Lawrence Sher 18. Sybil Jarrells 19. Ralph E. Jarrells 20. Robert Morrison

21. Robin Blake 22.Audrey L. Bornstein 23. Agnes Nicole Winter

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