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2022 Royal Tea Event

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 23rd January, 2022. The Royal Society of St. George, California Branch, Humanitarian Awards Ceremony was held at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The honorees were Malka Bas Reuven, Ralph Jarrells, Sybil Jarrells, and Robyn Shreiber who were honored for outstanding charity and humanitarian work. The Royal Society of St. George is a charity organization that was established in 1894 to encourage interest in the English way of life, English customs, and "Englishness."

Some of the guests:

Dr. Jeanne Ruderman and Philippe Milgrom is the US Ambassador for the Confrérie. Can you see the sabered Champagne below?

Confrérie du Sabre d' Or. The Confrérie has promoted the wine of Champagne and the Art of Sabrage (the act of opening a bottle of Champagne with a sword) for more than 30 years. With more than 35,000 members in 36 countries, it is the most important brotherhood celebrating Champagne in the world.

Philippe Milgrom is the US Ambassador for the Confrérie.

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