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Royal Society Of Saint George Announces New Protocol Officer

Palm Springs, California-January 26, 2022

The Royal Society of St George California is pleased to announce that Maryanne Parker will be our Officer of Protocol.

Maryanne Parker is a celebrity coach, marketing expert and award winning entrepreneur. Maryanne is also the founder of Manor of Manners, company that specializes in international business, social, luxury and youth etiquette. She has almost a decade of experience in helping the interests of luxury brands, businesses and individuals. She is the author of two very well received books "The Sharpest Soft Skill" and "Posh Overnight". Poise, elegance, and sophistication were essential to Maryanne’s successful years of corporate experiences around the world. Her unstoppable drive has earned her a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Financial control from the International University of Economics in Sofia, Bulgaria, world-class experiences and multiple certifications.

Maryanne Parker is her own luxury brand. She studied etiquette and protocol with the most prestigious etiquette schools in London, Brussels and Washington, DC. She was mentored by former EU Ambassador to the Holy Sea and Order of Malta .

Parker speaks often on the topic of etiquette and she spoke recently at Carnegie Hall, sharing the stage as a keynote speaker with the Lifestyle Queen Martha Stewart, Harvard Club of Boston and NASDAQ in entrepreneurial conferences held at these venues. Maryanne has been featured in Forbes, The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart, Metropolitan, The New York Times, USA Today, The Epoch Times, NBC, ABC, FOX, E! Entertainment, and many more.

She teaches her two children and clients to model compassion, grace, and respect. Her methods are learned quickly by her students giving them confidence, skills, self awareness, and knowledge that with manners the American Dream is still possible for anyone.

In her free time, Maryanne Parker is involved with Professional Women Group of Dress for Success, San Diego, which helps underprivileged women to gain financial independence and self sufficiency in their own journey. Here she inspires other women with the message that you don’t need money to have class and share etiquette tips on style, dressing for job interviews, and more...

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