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Ethiopia’s Prince Ermias Sahleselassie Visit to Canada

Our Board of Trustee member Prince Ermias visited Canada last month along with Princess Saba. It was to celebrate the 50th year of His grandfather's visit to Canada.

Gregory R Copley - It was a highly significant visit, following his formal Commemorative Visit to Australia in June 2017, marking the 50th anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie I's State Visit there. In Ottawa, HIH Prince Ermias was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Institute, the first Royal to receive this honor since HRH Edward, Prince of Wales, in 1930. Prince Ermias and Princess Saba were also welcomed into the Canadian Parliament by the Black Rod of the Senate.

In Australia, too, he had meetings with the Federal Cabinet, and a private meeting with the Prime Minister.

Ethiopia’s prince Ermias Sahleselassie and his wife Princess Saba Kebede are on a visit to Canada The prince inducted to one of the most rare and prestigious title of an honorary fellow by the Royal Geographic Society of Canada . Prince Ermias is the first royal to be inducted since 1930.

His visit to Canada is also planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his grand Father Emperor Haileselassie ,s visit to Canada . prince Ermias Sahleselassie received a warm reception by the Ethiopian communities in Hamilton, Otawwa and Toronto.

In an exclusive interview with, Prince Ermias called up on Ethiopians to work together to move the country forward . His highness Prince Ermias Sahleselassie called up on all Ethiopians to strengthen their unity.

His imperial highness also urged young people to stay connected to their culture uphold moral values and work harder .The gathered at the Toronto’s international Church were stunned to meet the princess to whom they said have a highest regard .

A Ghanaian youth spoke to remarked that he is grateful to the contribution of Emperor Haileselasie towards the independence if Ghana and other African countries .Prince Ermias remarked at the event that he feels privileged to meet all Africans in the diaspora . The event his grand father arrived in Jamaica has been revered by many and a video that portrayed Emperor Haileselassie visit to Jamaica was screened at the event

Like his grandfather prince Ermias recently visited Jamaica where he met the prime minister and received the key to the capital city city, Kingston.

Photos by Johnny Ayalew

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